Sportjumping ® – You can bet on it

Sportjumping® Rules

  1. Qualification for any event will be subject to the absolute discretion of Sportjumping® and its organisers.
  2. If, in the opinion of Sportjumping® and its organisors, it is felt that a qualified combination would be competing at too low a level, the organisers reserve the right to decline an entry.
  3. If Sportjumping® or its organisers feel that a qualified combination will not enter into the spirit and aims of Sportjumping®, then the entry may be declined at the absolute discretion of Sportjumping® and its organisers.
  4. All entries must be completed on-line via the appropriate entry form within the timescales shown on the Sportjumping® web site, and all sections must be completed to the satisfaction of the organisers.
  5. Riders must be aged 16 and over on the date of the Final to qualify.
  6. Only horses registered with British Showjumping or British Eventing may qualify, with a minimum height of 15 hands.
  7. An entry will only be accepted when the entry form has been completed and the entry fee has been paid.
  8. Each rider can only ride one horse in each class at a Sportjumping ® event. Subject to the rules above, a horse and rider combination can qualify for no more than two classes at the Final.
  9. Each rider will be allocated a time handicap, based upon a combination of the qualifying time, the competition form of the rider and the horse, and any other consideration that it felt to be relevant.
  10. The riders will go in handicap order, which cannot be changed once finalised, with no substitutions allowed.
  11. A knockdown of a fence, or any part of the fence, will incur a time penalty as follows:

    First knockdown, wherever this may occur on the course – 1 Second
    Second knockdown wherever this may occur on the course – 2 Seconds
    Fourth knockdown wherever this may occur on the course – 4 Seconds
    Fifth knockdown, wherever this may occur on the course – 5 Seconds

  12. Where a horse has reached five knockdowns, or three refusals, or in the opinion of the judges the horse is uncomfortable, the rider will be requested to retire from the competition.
  13. As Sportjumping® involves organised betting, once the judges decision has been made and competition has been completed, results cannot be challenged or changed.
  14. As this is a betting event, riders must compete for a place and recognised that bets will be placed on the outcome, and that they have a duty towards those doing so to try their best. Any attempt to fix the result of the classes will result in a life ban and the organisers reserve the right to seek recompense for any loss that may be incurred.
  15. Other than the above rules, the remainder of the event will be conducted under British Showjumping Rules.
  16. All Sportjumping® events are governed by the Law of Scotland, and the court at Glasgow and Strathkelvin has exclusive jurisdiction in regard to any disputes, or any other such matter. By entering to a Sportjumping® competition you are accepting this condition.