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Race 2. The Antrim Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Ltd. 1.10 Metre Handicap
Start positionRider/Horse CombinationOwnerHandicap 
1Chloe Albione – AGL CRUISE CONTROL 14yr old Irish Bred Bay Gelding, JACK OF DIAMONDS (sire) TAMERARRA (dam) 191.0 cms  winnings of £1,873 and 162 points this year, a big horse with consistent results at lower heights had a few down in the qualifiersChloe Albione0.0 sec
2Isabella Gomes – KANTINI VI 7yr old Grey Gelding United Kingdom Bred, VELINI (sire) KANTARA VH CREMERSHOF (dam) winnings £492 and 62 points this year. Constantly jumping up to height around the circuit since 2021 but no results  recorded since the qualifiers due to other circumstances, which have disrupted her preparation. However,  Isabella is a talented jockey and she just might be able to coax a good performance out of this horse on the day and make the other combinations have mistakes. Nina Gomes0.4 sec
3Angus Aukott-LOWISNSKI 7yr old Bay Gelding, Belgium bred, Bay in colour, 163.0 cms. GOLDDIGGER (sire) UNIQUE (dam)  has  winnings £1,148 & 84 points this year, jumping consistently at 1.10m & 1.15m. Angus is an up and coming young jockey who could put pressure on the other combinations  by posting a fast time early on. Angus Aucott0.7 sec
4Lillian Forey – INIKI II  10yr old Bay Mare, Netherlands Bred, breeding unkown.  Winnings £1,032 and 136 points this year. Won the 1.10m qualifier last time out, no records since. Has she been resting? Consistant pairing with results only for this year.Lillian Forey0.8 sec
5Trudy Johnson -KOHINOOR I 8yr old Dapple Grey Gelding, Netherlands Bred 163.0 cms QUALITY TIME (sire) MODINKA (dam)  winnings £1,253 & 224 points this year. Has jumped and been placed at 1.20m. Has an eventing background which will mean that the more technical aspects of the track will not phase her in the slightest, if anything, it will be an advantage.Trudy Johnson0.9 sec
6Jassy Pike – BON AMEGO 12yr old Home Bred Chesnut Gelding CADOR (sire)  GRANITA (dam) ) winnings £5,865.  Jassy  is a full time mechanical engineer and  the epitome of being a “true amateur”  Very competitive in showjumping, having numerous placings at this level, and jumps to 1.20. Can sometimes be lacking in self-belief at bigger heights, but when she in the zone, then it would be foolish to discount a surprize result. Has competed over this Sportjumping track in the past so knows exactly what to do.   Interestingly, chose to qualify on a different day from her team mate Emma Jo Slater.  A bit of advance tactics ? Jassy Pike1.0sec
7Clair Bowman- ROSGAN CARITO 13yrs old Grey Mare UK bred 170.0 cms CARDENTO (sire) JUANITA II (Dam)  winnings £1,130 & 77 points this year. Placed in Acumulators and A7 classes (speed at jump off) to 1.20m Wales & West and Herts County and consistant on local circuit at 1.15m classes. partnership history from 2016Claire Bowman1.6 sec
8Bumble Thomas- MIDNIGHT FLYER II,  11yr old Bay Gelding, United Kingdom bred, 162.0 cms WINGS (sire) VIVA LA VANTA (dam)  winnings £4,654 and 168 points this year. Consistently jumping and winnings at 1.15m around the circuit, has a ridden partnership with results since 2019 – 2nd in the qualifier. This jockey has also competed at European championships in eventing, and her preparation for the final will be immaculate. We expect her to put pressure on the other higher handicap riders.Anne Stratton2.1 sec
9Harry Bateman- SYMPHONY VH SCHAARBROEK Z – 11yr old Bay Mare Belgium bred, SWISS MADE (sire) CANAILLE SCHAARBROEK Z (dam), winnings £1,531 and 357 points this year. In form this year winning at 1.20m this month and consistantly performing since winning the qualifier at a higher level.  This horse is very quick and also very carefull. Only potential weakness might be control over a tight and technical course as the horse is quite forward going.  Will the “Prince of Prestissimo”  be able to get a tune out of Symphony ? Teza Englefield 2.9 sec
10Emma-Jo Slater – FREULE TN (Sire: Baloubet Du Rouet, Dam: Baroness RV) has winnings of £6983 13 old Netherlands Bred Bay Mare 165.0 cms. Emma-Jo is  a professional  jockey who only knows how to win. She is the current Sportjumping “Queen of Speed”  and has competed consistently at a high level for many years. She has a great partnership with this horse and they know each other inside out.   Kim Barzilay3.0 sec

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